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d so▓ far, and was overlapped by the Lanc▓astrians.This army was comman●d


ed by the Earl of Oxford, who led ●the va

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by the Marquis of Montagu, who l●ed the second line; the left wing was co●mmanded by the Duke of Exeter—both wings bein▓g largely composed of cavalry.The ext▓reme left was occupied by arch▓ers and pikemen entrenched or● palisaded in a small wood.This p●robably extended at that time from W●rotham Park to the column now marking the si●te of the battle, and near which tradition say●s Warwick fell

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.The centre, consi▓sting of bows and pikes, was commanded by the● Duke


of Somerset; and behind this ther▓e appe


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have been a reserve under Lord▓ St.John, Sir John Conyers, and, for a t▓ime at least, Warwick himself. T▓he order of march of the host was with the right▓ wing leading and the left closing th▓e column of march.On the other side, Edward● from his initial dispositio●ns similarly outflanked the left of his anta▓gonist, opposite which was t▓he Duke of Gloucester commanding that wing, a▓nd presum

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ably the artillery, if● any.The left wing was led by the Marquis of H●


astings; and, as in the Lancastrian ▓army


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wings were mainly compos▓ed of cavalry.In the centre were the Lo●ndoners, infantry armed with bows and bill●s, and in general reserve was a force comma▓nded by Edward himself.Some writers speak as if● the armies were formed in three para●llel lines, but it would seem that th●e formation customary for long after Barnet wa●s that of two wings and a centre.30 It is impo▓ssible otherwise to account

ley Heath, north o
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